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10 September 2011

New album finally out!

All good things take time / better late than never!

The new album is finally out, boasting fifteen new tracks of Leeb on his signature and baritone Lowdens and wonderful artwork by Patricia Hardmeier-Leeb. It has already received a wonderful quote by my colleague/friend/guitar hero Alex DeGrassi:

“Thomas Leeb harnesses his trademark raw energy and innovative percussive technique with finesse and restraint. The result is a fresh collection of solo guitar music with an introspective spirit and deep grooves.”

Grooveyard // Thomas Leeb
  1. Grooveyard // Thomas Leeb
  2. Jebuda
  3. Nai Nai
  4. Oachkatzlschwoaf
  5. Isobel
  6. No Woman, No Cry
  7. Desert Pirate